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What Are The Main Features of Sniper Bot?

What features should a good crypto trading bot have?

  • Secure
  • Realiable
  • With a large number of settings and thus customizableopen source
  • Compatible with multiple exchange platforms
  • Compatible with multiple networks
  • Of course running fast and with no downtime

This bot we are reviewing seems to have all the advantages we listed above. Moreover, thanks to the Mobile Access feature, you can access this trading bot via your mobile device and trade without any coding knowledge.

What Kind of Specifications Does This Sniper Bot Allow?
Standing out among Crypto And Token Sniper Bots with all these features, this bot allows you to personally identify all of the following:
Transaction Hash
Transaction Fee
BNB Price
Private Note
Tokens Transferred
So what does the above mean?

All details such as the BNB amount you want to use in total, the minimum number of tokens you want to buy, the wallet you want tokens sent to, the BNB wallet, the contract address of the token you want to buy are represented by the names above and you need to enter this information after you install the algorithm on your computer. This way, you get a highly customizable experience.
What you need to do to take advantage of this bot is clear: Follow the market correctly and wisely determine which token the bot will target.

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