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Sniper Bot, forget to all other bots you’ve ever used. Our sniper bot gives you the opportunity to buy and sell easily. Moreover, you can use all its features free of charge for a month, no prepayment is required.

The sniper bot developed with artificial intelligence method so that you can snipe liquidity pools quickly, we claim that we are the fastest and best Sniper Bot on the market. You can also listing instant live data from sites like DexTools, DxSale, and Poocoin so you can identify your new sniping targets and hit them bull’s-eye.


Effortlessly discover and seize new, highly profitable tokens through automated scans, listings, and swift sniping.
Automatically execute buy and sell orders based on price, profit potential, or percentage return on equity (%ROE), while smoothly navigating anti-bot token contracts.
Incorporate a trailing stop-loss mechanism for added security against potential scam tokens.
Take action by selling tokens if the contract owner attempts to lock the liquidity pool.
Swiftly identify and snipe trending token contracts, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
Explore our Liquidity Pool Scanner, adept at locating and adding contract details.
Utilize the Liquidity Pool Sniper and Mempool Sniper for precision insights.
Automate your trading with Buy/Sell orders, Take Profit, and Stop Loss functionality.
Set custom percentage slippage limits for automated trading precision.
Gain access to newly launched tokens via popular platforms like Dextools, Dxsale, and Poocoin.

How Can You Increase Your Chance to Get New Listing First with Pancakeswap Sniper Bot
Hey, traders there are various cryptocurrency projects that you're eagerly waiting to be listed like everyone else, right?
You target the tokens of these projects, allocate a budget for this and you want to activate the buy order on the stock market platform on time.

However, there are barriers to being one of the first to buy a cryptocurrency, such as:
Many traders are waiting for crypto money and at that moment there is serious traffic on the stock market. This weakens the internet connection.
The criteria you set can make it difficult to find a matching process. Therefore, the system can confirm other transactions faster.

How to Make Adjustments and Start Sniping
So how can these be overcome? When you use this tool, which is very popular among Crypto And Token Sniper Bots, you can gain a speed advantage if you pay attention to the following:
In order to buy the token you want as quickly as possible, note the contract address of the token. Preparing this in advance will save you time.

You will be using the bot's unique nodes, while others are trying to buy cryptocurrencies directly on the exchange platform through different networks. This will increase your chances of speed.
Are you ready to Sniping? Make sure you enter reasonable information in the amount to spend or minimum token count fields for matching.

Pancakeswap Sniper Bot: Why to Choose This One?

Pancakeswap Sniper Bot options continue to increase rapidly in recent times. Many traders do extensive research to find a bot that has a really useful algorithm as well as a safe and reliable bot. We would like to introduce you to a bot that caught our eye, has open-source code, protects the privacy of your wallet information, and offers a secure trading space with the necessary settings.

This bot, which is very popular among crypto and token sniper bots, distinguishes itself with the following features:
Two different price options with Plus and Basic versions. While the Plus version fights better against anti-bot software, the Basic version promises 80 percent successful transactions.
With the MinOutput option, the risk of buying tokens at an excessive price due to a market deviation is completely eliminated. This setting you will make tells you how many tokens will be bought with the budget you set.

In this way, surprisingly, when a matching transaction is not found for you and the price of the token rises, the bot still does not buy the high-priced token. This is pretty important. In this way, using the bot can be much safer.

In addition, the variety of configurations attracts attention. You can determine how long after a transaction order will self-destruct, and how much the total budget that can be spent during the transaction can be, via the bot software. Although this is bot trading, it provides full control.

How to setting and run Pancakeswap Sniper Bot with in 15 seconds:

Pancakeswap Sniper Bot Proof of Work:

How you can find Early Gems?
You can find Early Gems from DexTools, PooCoin and DxSale our Pancakeswap Sniper Bot listed all newly launched token projects from both sites at the same time.

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